Improve The Quality And Consistency Of Your Restaurant's Food And Drinks With Water Filtration


As a restaurant owner, it is important that you always strive to provide a consistent dining experience for your customers. Since clean water is vital for many food and drink recipes, a food service water filtration system helps to ensure that your restaurant's water is always top-quality and consistent in its mineralization. For your customers, this means that your coffee, soda, and cooked foods will always taste the same. For you as the owner, it will also reduce your costs from appliance failure due to excessive scale buildup.

Here are some common food and drink problems caused by mineralization fluctuation in city or well water:

Coffee and Tea Flavor

Both coffee and tea are made of nearly all water. This makes using a clean, low-mineral water to brew them very important. When coffee and tea are brewed, the minerals in the water will affect the taste, smell, and texture of the resulting drink. Using water that has been well filtered will result in a cleaner brew that is not gritty or bitter.

Coffee pots and teapots are often stained by a calcium buildup known as scale. By filtering your restaurant's water, you can nearly eliminate scale from building up inside of your appliances that come into contact with the water. This will reduce your maintenance costs and lower the wear and tear on the machinery.

Fountain Soda

Since fountain drinks mix a syrup with your regular water supply, mineralization in your water can also affect the quality, taste, and smells of your restaurant's soda. The additional minerals can also interfere with the carbonation process and result in "flat" drinks for your customers.

Just as with coffee and tea appliances, your soda fountain equipment will also develop scale from calcium salts dissolved in the water. By removing the minerals, you will keep your soda fountain in better repair as well.

Rice and Pasta

It's not just drinks that are affected by the mineralization contained in water. Rice and pasta are two staples in most restaurants, and both are greatly affected by mineral levels in the water used to cook them. The minerals can change boiling temperatures of the water which affects the pasta's and rice's texture. And, they can also add a variety of different flavors and smells to the resulting food.  


Now that you can clearly see how a water filtration system can improve your customer's dining experience at your restaurant, you should contact a local water filtration service provider in your area for a consultation.


12 June 2015

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