There's More To Your Tap Water Than Meets The Eye


Water is the healthiest way to hydrate, but some things may be lurking in your tap water you may not expect. Everything we consume makes its way back into the water we drink in some way, and some surprising things have made their way into our tap water.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Medications enter the water supply either through the urine of those who take them or the excess doses that get flushed. Nearly 7 in 10 Americans take prescription drugs, so there's plenty to go around. These medications impact wildlife already, but it is unknown their effects on people.

One of the primary offenders are synthetic hormones, most commonly found in oral contraceptives. Even small amounts of estrogen in the water have led to male fish carrying eggs. Synthetic hormones work are known to work at low concentrations in the human body, but it's unknown how they are affecting people in the water supply.

Other medications such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants and heart medications could all readily be found in small doses in your tap water.


This may sound like it's straight out of science fiction but perchlorate, a form of sodium used in rocket fuel has found its way into at least 35 states' water supplies. Perchlorate usually finds its way into the water supply through improper disposal at rocket test sites. While no known ill effects have been observed from exposure to perchlorate in drinking water, high doses have been known to disrupt thyroid function. Tests are still being conducted to determine the impact of perchlorate at small doses over long periods of time.

How Can Bottled Water Help

All of these things lurking in our tap water can be frightening, but bottled water can offer a solution. Many bottled waters are filtered using reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is a process that utilizes pressure to force untreated water through a filter resulting in clean water. This process results in up to 99 percent of contaminants being removed from the water.

If the water coming out of your tap isn't what you want to put in your body, consider getting bottled water. Bottled water is filtered, and free of most contaminants so you can enjoy a refreshing drink without fear of what's inside. If lugging cases of bottled water isn't for you, consider having bottled water delivered to your home from a company like Mountain Valley Water of Mountain Home. This way you can enjoy fresh, pure water without any hassle. 


23 July 2015

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