3 Delicious Ways To Cook And Serve Corned Beef


Corned beef has an incredible flavor to it, and is often a real crowd pleaser. However, some people may not really know how they should go about cooking it. This article will discuss three delicious ways to cook and serve corned beef. 

Cook It In The Slow Cooker

A great traditional way to cook your corned beef is to place it in the slow cooker for several hours. This allows it to reach the optimum level of tenderness, and also makes cooking it quite easy for you. When you place the corned beef in the slow cooker, you will want to add water, 3-5 beef bouillon cubes, onions, minced garlic, garlic salt, salt, and pepper. You can even add potatoes and carrots to the slow cooker if you would like. All of these ingredients will help the corned beef to have a delicious flavor when it is done cooking, and the excess water in the slower cooker will be used to create a gravy for the corned beef. This is done by heating the liquid in a pot on the stove, and then adding flower or corn starch to it to allow it to thicken. Some great sides for this meal include rice, corn, and rolls. 

Corned Beef Breakfast Sandwich

If you have left over corned beef from the day before, then you can use it to make a delicious breakfast sandwich. This sandwich can be made with either an English muffin or a biscuit that has been heated or toasted and then buttered. You will then add an egg that has been cooked to your liking, your favorite cheese, and finally, your heated corned beef. This is a quick and easy breakfast sandwich to make and has incredible flavor. Also, since it contains a great deal of protein, it can help to keep you full until lunch time. 

Corned Beef And Cabbage Rolls

Serving corned beef with a side of cabbage is a traditional meal to make on St. Patrick's Day, but sometimes it is fun to change this meal up a bit to make it new and exciting. One way to twist this meal a bit is to make cabbage rolls with the corned beef inside of them. You can cook your corned beef like you usually would, and then simply place them inside of the cabbage rolls with any other vegetables or sauces that you would like. Some sauces and spices that taste great inside of the cabbage roll include mayonnaise, spicy mustard, parsley, and dill. 

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19 August 2015

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