Ordering Cheese Popcorn Online: The Difference Between Butterfly And Mushroom Kernels


It's no surprise that Americans love all varieties of popcorn, as they consume over 16 billion quarts every year. If you are particularly fond of cheese popcorn, you'll find a lot of great deals from food manufacturers online. Not only can you get cheese popcorn at bargain prices, but you might also be able to enjoy different varieties and types that you would otherwise not be able to find locally. When ordering cheese popcorn online, you may be given the option to choose between two different types of kernels: butterfly and mushroom. This article will give you some insight as to the differences between the two.

The Fluffier Texture of Butterfly Kernels

Butterfly kernels can be identified by their irregular shape. These kernels are typically used to make the popcorn that you normally get at movie theaters. They are soft and fluffy. This type of popcorn is great for cheese seasoning, which tends to be lighter in flavor than melted cheese. The seasoning will easily get distributed on each wing of the popcorn. If you prefer cheese popcorn that has a fluffier texture to it and is flavored with seasoning rather than melted cheese, then you should order cheese popcorn made from butterfly kernels. They're a wonderful light snack that you can bring to the office or snack on after a long workout session without feeling guilty. 

The Denser Nature of Mushroom Kernels

Mushroom kernels, on the other hand, are shaped like balls. They are much more compact, and are typically used when heavy coatings of seasoning will be applied because they are much more robust, and are less likely to crumble. If you prefer gourmet cheese popcorns with melted cheese on top, you cannot go wrong with mushroom kernel. In fact, it's definitely a much better choice not only because of its durability, but also because of the fact that it has a much larger surface area for the seasoning to cling onto. Also, if you're the type to add extra melted cheese and seasoning on your popcorn at home, mushroom kernels will be able to hold their shape better under the added weight. 


As you can see, the type of kernel most suited for cheese popcorn will depend on the type of seasoning that you prefer. If you are looking for a light snack, then cheese popcorn made from butterfly kernels will be the better choice; however, if you are looking for heavily-flavored cheese popcorn, mushroom kernels are a better option.  


6 January 2016

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