4 Things To Make With Fruit Juice Concentrate And Purees


Fruit is sometimes considered a natural alternative to candy. The flavor of fresh fruit can't be replicated through artificial means. Fruit is sweet, refreshing, and nutritious. As a restaurant or cafe owner, you would be wise to take advantage of the numerous positive qualities of fruit. Luckily, you can incorporate fruit into your menu without worrying about spoilage when you purchase fruit juice concentrate and purees from wholesale suppliers. Here are four things you can do with juice concentrate and juice purees:

1. Create fresh, delicious fruit preserves.

Many people prefer a light, simple meal in the morning if they eat breakfast at all. Toast is a common breakfast food because it's comforting and easy to eat. You can cater to your busy morning customers by serving toast with jam. Make your jam even more special by making it from scratch. Fruit puree can be combined with sugar and pectin to create delicious, all-natural fruit preserves. Customers will love the intense flavor of real fruit preserves on toast.

2. Serve mocktails and cocktails.

Cocktails are a delightful addition to any restaurant menu. Many establishments make the majority of their profit on alcohol sales. You can increase your restaurant's revenue and your customers' satisfaction by making signature cocktails with real fruit juice. For instance, chilled pear juice mixes well with gin, and orange juice can be mixed with champagne to make classic mimosas. Mocktails can be made by omitting alcohol for a treat that people of all ages can enjoy.

3. Add smoothies and smoothie bowls to your menu.

You can even use juice concentrate and juice purees to create smoothies and smoothie bowls. Smoothies are a hit with health-conscious people since they're full of antioxidants and vitamins. Simply mix the juice concentrate of your choice with water and substitute it for fresh juice in any smoothie recipe. Smoothie bowls can cater to people who enjoy smoothies but require more sustenance. This dish is made by pouring a thick smoothie into a bowl and topping it with healthy add-ons like granola or toasted coconut shavings.

4. Create custom syrups.

You can even use juice concentrate to create custom syrups. Fruit syrups make an excellent topping for waffles and pancakes. You can make cherry syrup, blackberry syrup, orange syrup, and more. Fruit syrups are a great alternative to classic maple syrup. Kids especially love fruit syrups due to their sweet taste and vibrant colors.

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28 December 2020

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