Arrange an On-Site Wood-Burning Pizza Oven for Your Wedding


If you're keen on impressing your guests when it's time to eat the meal at your wedding reception, one idea to consider is hiring a catering service that can bring a mobile wood-burning pizza oven to your reception venue. Many catering companies offer this option, and you can expect that this will give your guests an experience that they haven't previously had at a wedding. This idea will work best when you have a relatively small wedding, as the pizza oven is typically only large enough to accommodate a few pizzas at a time. Here are some reasons to arrange a wood-burning pizza oven for your wedding reception.

People Can Customize Their Meals

When you proceed with this idea, it's common to have your caterer offer a wide range of ingredients and allow your guests to place orders for their pizzas. While some people might favor the simplicity of cheese and pepperoni, having other ingredients will give those with more diverse palates plenty of options to anticipate. For wedding guests, it can be a fun experience to browse the topping options, make their request to the catering professionals who are making the pizzas, and then have a made-to-order pizza to enjoy just a few minutes later.

It's A Source Of Entertainment

It's always a good idea to have various forms of entertainment at your wedding reception, as doing so will help to ensure that your guests have a good time and that the event doesn't feel dull. A wood-burning pizza oven can be an asset in this regard. You can expect that many of your guests will enjoy gathering around the oven and watching the catering professionals build and cook the pizza. Those who have never seen a wood-burning pizza oven in action will especially be impressed with the process, and you'll be happy to see your guests being entertained by the creation of their food.

The Smell Is Pleasant

Another thing that your guests will enjoy about your decision to have an on-site wood-burning pizza oven at your wedding reception is the pleasant smell of the wood burning in the background. The gentle aroma of burning wood is something that is relaxing to many people, and you may find that the oven helps to create a cozy vibe at your outdoor reception venue. Look online to find a wedding catering service that can offer an on-site wood-burning pizza oven for your big day.

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6 July 2021

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