What Are The Benefits Of Nootropic Mushroom Coffee?


If you've been shopping for coffee lately, you may have noticed a trend. There are several companies now selling mushroom coffees, sometimes known as nootropic mushroom coffees. These drinks are formulated not only with coffee beans but with various mushrooms thought to have medicinal benefits. But what are the benefits of nootropic mushroom coffees? Take a look.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

The word "nootropic" means "cognitive enhancer" or "mental performance enhancer." As such, these mushroom coffees are designed to impact and enhance the way your brain functions. One way in which they do so is by sharpening and speeding up your cognition. This effect is similar to that of caffeine, but without the jitters and nervousness that people sometimes feel with caffeine. Certain nootropic mushrooms are better at enhancing cognitive performance than others. For instance, Lion's Mane is very well known for this effect. This is why people often enjoy mushroom coffee before a test, an important interview, or other situations that require a lot of careful thought.

Higher Energy Levels

People often drink coffee for a boost of energy, but if you're used to the caffeine, that energy boost may not quite be as intense as you'd expect. Mushroom coffees can give you an extra boost of energy, both mentally and physically. They are thought to increase the levels of certain energy-involved neurotransmitters in the brain. For this reason, people often use mushroom coffee to get themselves going in the morning, or they might use it before they work out. If you're using a nootropic coffee as a pre-workout drink, try making it iced.

Improved Immunity

There is also some thought that certain nootropic mushrooms can boost immunity and assist in the body's ability to fight off disease. You may see some specific nootropic coffees labeled as "immune boosting." These are a good choice to use during cold and flu season when you're sure you're going to be exposed to viruses and need to fight them off. You may also want to use nootropic mushroom coffee if you have kids and they're always bringing illnesses home from school. 

Nootropic mushroom coffee is becoming quite popular, and for good reasons. If you already drink coffee, why not enhance the benefits you get from it by choosing a nootropic mushroom coffee next time? There are a lot of great ones on the market, and they offer the benefits described above.

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18 May 2022

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