Update Your Dairy Inventory


A dairy product retail supplier that ships or transports goods to your store is critical in keeping your inventory stocked on a consistent basis. Dairy products that are sold as-is or that are used to prepare fresh meals that your patrons will be consuming should be fresh, flavorful, and affordable.

Your Dairy Profile

If you haven't expanded your inventory in some time, you may be missing out on some new innovative dairy products that will greatly increase sales, plus improve the quality of a consumer's shopping experience. Consider your current dairy profile and review the product listings that your dairy supplier features. Milk products come in both single-serve containers and multiple-use containers and may appeal to a specific audience.

For instance, many milk suppliers feature brightly-colored bottles that are designated for single usage. These types of bottles may be marketed predominantly toward children. A fun-looking bottle of milk may prompt a child to select the healthy beverage instead of picking out a sugary juice or soda product. Cheeses, butters, sour creams, yogurts, and milks should be assessed when contemplating how you will modify your dairy profile.

Innovative Ideas And Better Investments

A supplier may feature frustration-free packaging, which can greatly propel a product to the top of a customer's shopping list. If you prepare food at your place of business, diversity and cost savings should be what you contemplate when choosing new products. Purchasing a cheese product that can be used to create many of the dishes on your menu, for instance, may be a much better investment than buying an imported cheese product that is likely to be used only on occasion or for a limited amount of menu items.

Pasteurization Processes

Pasteurization is performed to kill bacteria and to keep products fresh while they are being stored. A dairy product supplier may feature products that have undergone various pasteurization processes. When pasteurization is performed at higher temperatures, the process increases the shelf life of a dairy product.

If you have been stocking milk products that often expire before you have had the opportunity to sell them, ask your supplier if they feature milk products that have been pasteurized at an ultra-pasteurization rate. Products like these will have an extended expiration date. Some dairy products are considered shelf-stable. These types of products will last well beyond products that have undergone a standard pasteurization process.

Reach out to a local dairy product supplier to learn more.


13 December 2022

feeding a lot of people for little money

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