Why Empanadas Are One Of The Best Outdoor Event Foods


If you're holding an outdoor event and need to find food for people, consider having a caterer or wholesale supplier bring empanadas. These discs of dough folded around fillings are delicious and one of the better foods for outdoor get-togethers and events.

Perfect for Walking and Eating

Empanadas are essentially hand pies with different fillings. They can be juicy and dripping or fairly neat and clean to eat, but in either case, they're both good walk-and-eat foods (with a plate under for those messy ones). People who want to wander about at the event aren't stuck eating at a table. If someone prefers to use utensils to eat (no shame here; someone with an injured hand might not want food getting onto the bandage, for example), they can do that, too. Empanadas are versatile.

Reasonably Sized

Empanadas can vary in size from finger-food small to can-you-finish-this large, so you get a choice of what to offer. A couple of different sizes would be a good choice so that people who aren't that hungry can get smaller empanadas and people who are famished can get larger ones. You don't need to offer several sizes; two or three should cover what most people might want during the event. And if the supplier you want to contract with doesn't offer a particular size, speak with them about custom-making some.

Can Be Eaten Warm or Cold

Empanadas don't have to be eaten hot; they can be eaten cold if the event is held on a hot day. You'll need to store them properly, of course, but assuming you do that, attendees can have a substantial snack that helps them stay cool. Whether you want to offer dessert empanadas, vegetarian empanadas, or meat-filled empanadas — which can still be eaten cold — you ensure your guests will not go hungry and will always find something to eat at the event. It's best to have a variety of fillings available because this also makes it a little more likely that people might order a second one later on in the day.

Speak with a wholesaler who supplies empanadas about transportation, storage, and cost. Your favorite restaurant might offer wholesale deals, or a food manufacturer may have what you want. Menus vary, so check out a few suppliers to see what flavors and sizes are available. Attendees will appreciate having empanadas as one of the food choices.

For more information, contact a wholesale empanada supplier near you.


23 August 2023

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