8 Amazing Ideas for Parmesan Cheese Powder


Parmesan cheese is one of the most popular types of cheese. Made from cow's milk, it has a sharp and nutty taste that is perfect for a variety of dishes. But have you ever tried its powdered version? It's a must-have ingredient in your pantry. Not only is it more convenient to use than grated cheese, but it also has a longer shelf life and is more versatile. 

Sprinkle it on popcorn

Who doesn't love a bowl of buttery and salty popcorn? Add some parmesan cheese powder for an extra layer of flavor that will make your snack time more enjoyable.

Make homemade salad dressings

Add some parmesan cheese powder to your homemade salad dressings for depth of flavor. It pairs well with a variety of ingredients, including lemon, olive oil, garlic, and honey.

Use it as a seasoning for roasted vegetables

Roasted veggies are delicious, but they can be even better with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese powder. Try it on roasted broccoli, cauliflower, or asparagus.

Create a cheesy bread topping

Do you want to make your homemade bread tastier? Combine parmesan cheese powder with butter, garlic powder, and parsley to create a delicious topping. Spread it over your bread before baking, and you'll have an amazing loaf that will disappear in no time.

Mix it with mashed potatoes

Parmesan cheese powder is an excellent addition to mashed potatoes. It adds a creamy texture and cheesy flavor that will make your mashed potatoes the star of the show.

Sprinkle it on top of pasta dishes

Whether it's spaghetti, fettuccine, or mac and cheese, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese powder on top of your favorite pasta dish will enhance its flavor and make it even more appetizing.

Use it as a crust for baked chicken

You can use parmesan cheese powder as a crust for your baked chicken. Mix it with breadcrumbs, garlic powder, and dried thyme, and coat your chicken pieces before baking. You'll have a crispy, cheesy, and delicious meal in no time.

Add it to your marinara sauce

Add some parmesan cheese powder to your homemade marinara sauce for a richer and more savory flavor. It pairs well with tomatoes and adds an Italian twist to your sauce.

Finally, parmesan cheese powder is versatile, convenient, and can take your meals to the next level. From sprinkling it on popcorn to using it as a seasoning for roasted vegetables, there are so many amazing ideas for using parmesan cheese powder.

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9 February 2024

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