Why Empanadas Are One Of The Best Outdoor Event Foods


If you're holding an outdoor event and need to find food for people, consider having a caterer or wholesale supplier bring empanadas. These discs of dough folded around fillings are delicious and one of the better foods for outdoor get-togethers and events. Perfect for Walking and Eating Empanadas are essentially hand pies with different fillings. They can be juicy and dripping or fairly neat and clean to eat, but in either case, they're both good walk-and-eat foods (with a plate under for those messy ones).

23 August 2023

Creative Catering Ideas For Halloween Parties


If you're planning a Halloween party for adults, kids, or a mix of both, a creative menu will give the special event a fun feel. The good news is that it's easy to plan a themed party menu that reflects the Halloween season, from spooky appetizers to sinfully sweet desserts.  Depending on how much time you have to prepare the food and the size of your party-planning budget, you can either make the meal yourself or hire a local caterer or your favorite eatery to do the work for you.

15 March 2023